Valentines Day 2018: More than half of over 65s think they're not getting enough sex, shows survey


More than half of people over the age of 65 feel they do not have enough sex, a new study shows, suggesting older people are more sexually active than many people may think. 

Nearly a third of the elderly population have had sex on a first date since turning 65, or would consider it, with one in 10 people aged 75 and over saying they have had multiple sexual partners in that time, according to the research.

The survey of more than 2,000 older people, commissioned by Independent Age, also shows that internet dating is a popular way for older people to find love, with more than one in four over-65s (29 per cent) who are in a relationship that started in the past 10 years saying they met their partner online.

Condoms are the most frequently used form of precaution against STDs among people aged 65 and over, although around one in 11 say that they do not take any precautions against STDs when they start having sex with a new partner.

Lucy Harmer, Director of Services at Independent Age, said: “Age is no barrier to having a sex life, and a lot of older people are more sexually active than many people may think. 

“Strong relationships are important in later life, and ideas about friendship, romance and intimacy may well change throughout life. 

“Close relationships can offer emotional support, and can make a difference by staving off loneliness and giving you resilience and support to get through difficult patches in life. 

“However, sex, dating and relationships can be complex, and that does not stop when we get older. The ending of old relationships, and starting new ones, can be emotional, but they can also present financial, legal or practical challenges.”

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