Trump UK visit – LIVE: US president flies in Marine One helicopter to US ambassadors office in central London


The Metropolitan Police has just announced that conditions will be imposed on a procession welcoming Donald Trump scheduled to take place in London on Saturday — but not on protests against the US President’s visit to the UK.

The force said the measures were necessary “due to concerns of serious public disorder and disruption to the community”.

The protest group Welcome Trump said it will hold a procession from the US Embassy to Whitehall, where it will join a march supporting jailed far-right leader Tommy Robinson.

Participants in these marches are only allowed to assemble between noon and 6.30pm in Parliament Square within a police barrier, or risk prosecution.

“A recent event involving the ‘Free Tommy Robinson’ group on 9 June resulted in serious violence in central London, with bottles, metal barriers and other objects thrown at police officers. Five officers suffered injuries and there were nine arrests,” a statement released by the Met said.

“A significant policing operation will be in place for the duration of both events on 14 July, which is designed to prevent trouble from flaring up and facilitate peaceful protest, whilst ensuring Londoners are not unduly impacted.

“Dedicated teams of highly flexible officers will be on standby at key locations in the capital. Police liaison officers will be present to assist with engagement for peaceful protest.”

Chief Superintendent Elaine Van-Orden said: “We police hundreds of public events and demonstrations in Central London every year and we always facilitate peaceful protest. We have such serious concerns about this event on Saturday 14 July, that we have made the decision to impose conditions under the Public Order Act.

“We have a duty to ensure that the community can go about their daily business not unduly impacted by demonstrations taking place.

“Our message is simple: if you wish to protest peacefully, that is your right and we want to work with you. If you commit criminal acts or breach the conditions of the event, you are liable to be arrested.”

The conditions will also apply to demonstrators opposing the Free Tommy Robinson march, but not to the Stand Up to Racism march in Old Palace Yard, set to commence at 1pm in Parliament Street.

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