Hawaii volcano: Aerial video shows smoke pouring from huge fissure


Fissures from Hawaii‘s Kilauea Volcano have been filmed spitting lava, as the US Geological Survey (USGS) issued a red alert which means an eruption is imminent. 

With hazardous activity both on the ground and in the air, residents have had to deal with volcanic gas and lava, as well as ash which has been blasted into the sky. 

At least 37 homes and other structures have been destroyed by the volcano that has been continuously erupting for 35 years and active for thousands of years.

Scientists say earthquakes may shake loose rocks underground and open up new tunnels for lava to flow. 

“We’re all safe, and I wish they’d open the park back up, but they have to keep it safe for everybody,” said Ken McGilvray, an area resident. “We live on a volcano.” 

Hawaii governor David Ige said the state is forming a joint task force that could handle mass evacuations of the Big Island’s Puna district if lava from Kilauea volcano covers major roads and isolates the area.

Scientists remain on alert for more violent activity. Geologists have warned that the summit could have a separate explosive steam eruption that would hurl huge rocks and ash miles into the sky. But it’s not certain when or if that might happen. 

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