Giant wild boar eats from rubbish bin near school


A wild boar has been captured on film attempting to eat from a rubbish bin outside a school in Hong Kong.

Footage of the large pig was shared on Facebook, where it has been viewed and shared thousands of times.

The boar can be seen standing on its hind trotters as it rummages through the bin.

Three piglets stand around the bin.

The video was uploaded by Tu Dongdong, with a caption which translates to: “Wild boar emperor.”

Responding to the post, Misaki Ceci wrote: “The wild pig is in front of the left school. I’m careful with Hyung-Hyung’s primary school, and I’ve got a wild boar.”

Another wrote: “It’s so hungry… The wild boar has the right to live and freedom. He is only hungry for food.”

Other comments indicated it had been filmed in Hong Kong. 

The video has been watched more than 323,000 times and shared by more than 4,800 people. 

The Independent could not verify the location of the footage or ascertain when it was captured. 

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