Eurosceptics seek to scupper Therera's May's Brexit plan with series of amendments – as it happened


One of the guests asks whether the Norway option is the best option for Britain. 

Gina Miller says she met with the Norwegian government, who said: “We want what you’ve got”. She says Norway does sit on committees but at the same time they are rule-takers. 

Asked whether the Chequers agreement weakens the government, she says she has “no idea” why some of these conversations are still happening – and asks why we are repeating the “meaningless” phrases such as taking back control of our laws. 

She says the government should never have put such a complex decision in the hands of the people. 

She asks Leadsom to “give the country the summer off” and then ask the people to validate the government’s negotiations. She accuses them of wasting taxpayers money – to an applause from the audience. 

Rees-Mogg says how dare Miller says the people are “too stupid” to make the decision.

He says general elections are complicated but we trust the British people to make the decision – and he says the referendum decision was likewise. He says the turnout was higher than any election since 1982.

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