Dennis Rodman weeps and says he's 'so happy' as Donald Trump meets Kim Jong-un


Former basketball player Dennis Rodman broke down in tears during an interview about Donald Trump’s historic summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

“It’s amazing”, the former NBA star said during a CNN interview as the two world leaders met in Singapore.

Wearing a red “Make America Great Again” hat, a piece of apparel that serves as an identifier for supporters of Mr Trump, Mr Rodman said “it’s a great day for everybody – Singapore, Tokyo, China, everybody”.

Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un shake hands at historic summit

“I’m so happy”, he said.

Before the Trump administration agreed to North Korea’s remarkable offer to meet, Mr Rodman had established himself as an American emissary to the secluded nation.

He has made multiple visits to North Korea, during at least one of which he met with Mr Kim. He told CNN’s Chris Cuomo he suffered repercussions for those journeys and his subsequent praise for Mr Kim that included “so many death threats”.

“I could not even go home”, Mr Rodman said. “I had to hide out”.

The world is watching to see if Mr Trump is able to forge an agreement to scrap North Korea’s nuclear arsenal – or at least lay the foundation to doing so. Mr Rodman said Mr Trump could succeed if he put “his heart on the table”.

Dennis Rodman sings Kim Jong-un Happy Birthday on 8 January- the date widely believed to be the North Korean leader’s birthday

“It ain’t got to be about war” or past grievances, Mr Rodman said, adding that Mr Kim was “trying to progress his country” and lauding the authoritarian leader for having “been so gracious to me, my family, and the United States”.

“If Trump can pull this off”, Mr Rodman said, “more power to him”.

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