British workers believe they deserve more than £5,000 on top of their current salary, poll finds


British workers believe they deserve more than £5,000 on top of their current salary, according to a new poll. 

A survey of 2,000 full time employees found the average worker believes they deserve £5,321 on top of their existing salary. The majority put this down to their extremely hard work and believe they deserve financial recognition for this. 

Others justified a pay rise because they work weekends, have a lot of qualifications or get a lot of praise from colleagues.

Three in 10 simply put it down to not having had a pay rise in a while and it being long overdue, while seven in 10 believe they deserve a bump in their pay cheque.

The average full-time employee does nearly six hours of overtime a week. Employees believe they are missing out on holidays, nice dinners and drinks with friends and having a nicer home, all because of an earnings shortfall, the survey found. 

The research also revealed a gender pay gap in the amount Brits think they deserve in a pay rise.

Men believe they are worthy of a £5,783 increase while women think they are deserving of just £4,833 on top of their pay packet.

If given some extra funding on top of their wages, most adults would put money away into their savings, with others buying nicer food during the weekly shop.

One in 10 would get new furniture and some would hire a nanny. 

“Most people treat the topic of salary and wages as a bit of a taboo, but it’s important to get recognised for the work you do,” said Louise Harper-King, a spokeswoman for “We weren’t surprised by the results, with many employees feeling undervalued and underappreciated.”

Of those who asked for a raise, nearly one third did not get what they asked.nd just under one in four confess to lying about their salary at a job interview in order to bag a bump. 


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