Brexit vote – as it happened: Theresa May caves in to Tory rebels in major negotiations climbdown


Theresa May’s spokesman straight-batted questions about the resignation of Phillip Lee at the morning lobby briefing today, writes The Independent’s political editor Joe Watts.

The prime minister apparently received Lee’s letter at 7am, and as of yet, it doesn’t look like she has even bothered replying to it.

Her spokesman also said there was no discussion of it at today’s 90 minute cabinet meeting, which saw Brexit take up about 20 minutes of the overall time. 

He said Lee had resigned “for his own reasons”, and that May would be pushing on with trying to deliver “the will of the British people”. 

For the record, Lee’s reasons were that he could not both follow May’s Brexit plan and also look his children in the eye and say he did the right thing.

But there was an implicit warning to anyone else thinking of taking the plunge when the spokesman said the PM had told this morning’s cabinet more broadly that, “anything that undermines the negotiations at home would make negotiations with the EU more difficult”.

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